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Whether it’s for unit standards or you are having a school camp in Taupo we have a program for your group at a fantastic price

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Low Ropes

Our low ropes course is great for those groups looking for some team bonding and it offers the chance for students to work together to achieve a common goal. The group is split into smaller teams and there are several activities which they will work through. Once mastered the group then comes together as a whole to attempt the Mohawk Walk. This problem solving game brings the students together with the aim of completing the task within a time limit. Using the skills they have just learned the students will have to brainstorm, cooperate and communicate effectively to achieve success.

High Ropes

For those with a more adventurous side why not try our high ropes course. Participants are taught to belay each other in ‘belay school’ and are then responsible for one another while making their way a the round high elements ranging from easy through to more challenging. We round off the session with the flying fox or the giant swing.

Some students may only complete one activity while some may complete the whole course. The important part is that everyone has fun and feels they have achieved something for themselves.

Unit Standards

We offer our low and high ropes courses for NZQA unit standards 467, 470 and 473. We can utilize both in the one day; low ropes in the morning and high ropes in the afternoon with a break for lunch in-between. Alternatively we can fit you in for two sessions on different days.

Call now to make your booking or receive information on prices and availability.

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